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Huang, cited in the yellow of the yellow. In traditional Chinese culture, yellow has always been regarded as auspicious and noble qualities; yellow, is "Five Elements" in located in the center of the "earth" color, and "soil" has the bearing of all the functions and Yun; yellow is the East person's unique skin, natural colors.

Ting, is a representative with a long history and ancient architecture in China, mostly based on wind evil, courtyards, gardens, street, suburb. Is welcome for people to see a visitor, friends gathering, flowers viewing, composing poems and couplets, entertainment places, but also spectacular scenery and unique connection. Therefore, the pavilion has become poems, songs, books, paintings often appear in a scene.

That is, we want to use the "yellow Pavilion" to represent to explore traditional Chinese medicine, health and martial arts, qigong, Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism and other Eastern wisdom and culture of human attitudes. As we meet her, learn, exchange, dissemination of a place, but also want it to be busy every modern physical and mental life of oxygen, a leisure park, where we can not only relax, you can also learn and practice re-appreciate the broad and profound traditional culture, the unique charm of ...


Huang-Ting Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, intends to carry out the work are:

1. The culture of medicine promotion and education
2. Qigong, martial arts, Chinese medicine, Buddhist and other cultural exchanges, communication and finishing;
3. Modern health care, health promotion research and development methods;
4. Emei Dan Road, the popularity of medical health, enhancement and certification (including Emei Gong, massage internal organs, Denmark Road, medicine, etc.);
5. A healthy diet - bait, therapeutic health science popularization;
6. The ancient acupuncture technique - "nine needles" research and clinical applications;
7.'s Health and treatment research and development and application;
8. Time and space to develop applications and ancient therapy research and so on.

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