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Zhang Mingliang, male, Chinese medicine practitioners, national social sports instructor, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games torch.

Is as: the Standing Committee of the Chinese Health Qigong Association, the State Sports General Administration, "Qigong" magazine executive editor of the World Medical Qigong Society, Visiting Professor of Physical Education, Shanxi University, Beijing Medical Research Institute of yellow booth and other duties.

Childhood teacher to study medicine practice, he has been weeks Chao Fu, Zhou Huai Jiang, Kai Yang, Li and other "health Emei School of Medicine Dan Road," a professor of many teachers, but also by the original ex-lan Shanxi Provincial Health Department Director continued referrals, thanks to the famous Acupuncture home, "the nine new Chinese needle therapy," Professor Hall, founder of pregnant teachers to learn acupuncture and clinical teachers more than ten years.

Zhang Mingliang, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, massage, Qigong, health and yoga, meditation, Buddhism, Taoism and so have extensive and in-depth practice and research, for the second village Emei, Emei internal strength massage, Chinese medicine Dan Road, Kowloon Tong Wai-pin, Qigong and other accomplishments, especially deep.

In recent years, once the State Sports General Administration of sending and cultural exchanges and various forms of civil society organizations, many provinces and cities nationwide, and many went to Japan, Britain, Germany, Portugal, Spain, France, Switzerland, Canada, lectures, committed to the traditional Chinese medicine, Qigong, Emei health, life and environmental protection research and extension.
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