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The EMei style Tuina with Internal Qi

(The EMei 36 point massage and Daoyin Tuina method with internal Qi)

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  The EMei style Tuina with Internal Qi, also named “The EMei 36 point massage and Daoyin Tuina method with internal Qi” is a tuina and point massage therapy of the EMei style Daoist Inner Alchemy School of Medicine and Health Cultivation. It was originated at the end of Southern Song Dynasty, and has been pass through generations in the past 800 years without written records.

  There are 36 different kinds of hand movements of the EMei style Tuina, each with a number of variations. The application of E-mei Tuina is based on the theory of the external and internal branches of meridians, also the qi activity and internal scene of Zang-Fu organs. The therapist need to select the proper meridian, acu-point or body part according to the principle of the differentiation of syndromes, then choose a proper hand movement to initiate the internal qi to treat the patient for regulating Yin & Yang and Qi & Blood.

  The manipulation of the EMei Tuina is delicate, with tender movements but penetrating powers. It can be used to treat both the common and uncommon diseases, as good as for health care and health cultivation. It is well-accepted by patients, highly-efficient and can relieve many syndromes in a very short time.. A special application of the E-mei Tuina is to treat the disorders in Qigong practicing, such as the distending feeling of head and the stagnation of qi, etc. , and it can be used to feel pulse and palpation of the entire body for diagnosis.


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